Sunday, February 3, 2008

Its Sunday, I have tried to customize this and haven't gotten very far, just changed the name from "Area" to the current "Centergranny's Yard." Since this will be mainly about sewing and grandchildren--yard is a good word for me! Well, its getting time for church so, I will sign off. I want to link a few blogs and post some lotto blocks later tonight or tomorrow.

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Katy said...

hello! i just found your blog and saw you were having some trouble customizing it. If you go to:

It is super helpful. I used it to make my blog into a 3 column blog! It has a lot of different info and tells you how to put it in your html. I am pretty good with if you need any help...drop me a line on my blog or through email and let me know...I will be happy to help if possible!! Best of luck to you! :)