Saturday, January 10, 2009

UFO Challenge- one project completed

About 2 or 3 weeks ago, I joined Marianne's UFO challenge on ABOUT.COM- my first project completed, here is the story as posted on the forum:

Well, the hourglass baby quilt is done- except for the label. I think this project was doomed to be messed up from the beginning-

the Saga:

First, Chenae was told she was having a boy- so I made a blue/brown top, then she was told no its a girl- So I had to go buy pink/brown fabric and make another top.

Second, I lost interest in the pink/brown and it took 3 months of back and forth working on it.- finally, quilt was sandwiched and cross hatched for quilting-by me.

Third, I planned on attaching the binding with machine like Marianne explained on the forum. Well, I goofed and sewed it to the front,-I could not remember how to close binding at an angle, finally, I hunted on the forum until I found Pirate's binding tutorial, completed that, which I might add, the instructions are wonderful for those like me who have a brain lapse- I recommend them! Spent all evening hand sewing it closed.

Final BLOW- I took a picture of the quilt today- and SAW THAT ONE BLOCK IS GOING THE WRONG WAY! ugg- I want to scream- but hey, its done and not a UFO any longer.- then- I had trouble uploading the picture. maybe I better skip the label, no tell what will occur, LOL

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