Sunday, January 25, 2009

We had a wonderful weekend!

We got home from Texas a little bit earlier and I began catching up on the threads. Karenfae posted one saying "If you go to you will see that she is giving a give away. If you mention her give away on your blog she will put your name in 5 times. If someone tells her that you sent them to her blog she will put your name in again" So, I am mentioning her giveaway here on my blog today, even if I don't win her giveaway, its fun, and since I am trying to blog, she is an inspriation to me thinking I just might get to 100 blogs someday!
We went to Kimberly and Michaels yesterday to keep the boys so they could go spend a few hours together. With nursing, she is pretty much kept near the house. But she was able to stay away about 5 hours by nursing Gage right before they left then she had gotten a bottle ready for me to feed him in 3 hours. Cole and I worked on my Yo-Yos. I recieved an invitation to join a yo yo swap. I am finding those little yo yos are very addicting! Cole enjoyed working on them with me and playing with the finished ones. We did green ones and red ones.

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