Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Kim's Going to Hawaii

We are going to Texas tomorrow to keep the boys. Michael and Kimberly are going to Hawaii for a week. She is even talking about setting the boys clothes out for me. I told her "I do have some experience with kids", LOL. I quilted a little on the Butterfly throw that was UFO blocks at one time. I also dropped off my secret sister's Christmas gift to be taken care of yesterday. (Just in case she or someone else reads this, i won't mention her name or what it is.)

I am taking a little of my own sewing to Texas, but I will probably be working on Kim's zig-zag quilt of little mermaids. Here is a few pictures she posted on Facebook of the boys from sunday before church. They are the most handsome boys in the whole wide world. BTW, I guess my Doll quilt will sit here at the house unopened for over a week... I won't be here. : (

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