Saturday, November 21, 2009

A productive Day

Well, I finished putting the binding on the butterfly throw I am donating to the church giveaway project. I must say I don't think I will be using store bought bias binding again. It was horrible to sew on. Now, I will have to fight with it to sew it down. I tried sewing it on the machine with the walking foot and it didn't look good at all. That is a project I will take to Texas with me to work on at Kim's in laws if there is time. I found out today that our Secret Sister Christmas Revealing Party is the same saturday, same time as our Quilting Club one. ;0 { Don't know what I am going to do yet. Of course try to see if there is a way to attend both! Much to Roger's chagrin (this word is used to explain strong feelings of annoyance or displeasure) and it suits how he feels about my quilting pleasures.

Last night I actually was able to embroidery Ivan, Jodi's, Carla's, Tonya (and Mary's 3 times) Christmas throws) I had to go back for three more today to get Sandi's and Angie's done- and got an extra for mistakes, lol. The two screw ups last night will turn into either children's throw's for church or doll blankets for some lucky little girl.
Enough for tonight, I wanted to mention that Geta posted her birthday gifts, new handmade socks and mittens, and mention once again about her giveaway. (see the button on my side bar to enter) If you win, don't tell me, I would be happy for you but very envious, lol.

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