Saturday, March 20, 2010

We are home!

We just spent the last week in Texas with Kim, Michael and the boys. Had a very nice busy time. I couldn't do much to help with breastfeeding Owen, but I did manage to keep the other two boys in check most of the time. I am so amazed how much Gage LOVES books. He would sit and let you read to him nearly all the time. He is so good about not tearing pages. He must have gotten his mommy's love of books. Everytime we would turn around, he would have a book, back up to us and say "book". Or, come up and slap your leg to get your attention and then say "book". So sweet. Had fun making tunnels, playing on the trampoline, coloring and typing on the computer with Cole. Hated that the week had to come to an end. Also I wish I wasn't such a cry baby, I cry every time I leave my sweet boys.
Owen is a beautiful baby, I will post the picture that Kim posted on FB. Wouldn't want to over step my boundaries on posting any other ones she might use for announcements. And my stupid camera bit the dust. I took TONS of pictures of the boys, and 6 showed up. Not even the video of Cole teaching me how to jump on the trampoline was on it. hmmmmmm

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