Sunday, January 15, 2012

Visiting Day after doctor visit

Took Roger by the Urgent Care Clinic today, (well, it is yesterday now) he has 3 horrible spots on his left shoulder blade, we aren't sure if they are spider bites or what. The doctor put him on an antibiotic (which thanks to the SLOWNESS AND CLOSING of WG pharmacy we haven't gotten yet). Then we drove to McAlester to visit with DMIL. Roger and I worked on her door knob and got it working again. I changed a few burnt out light bulbs and tacked up a door trim than had come loose. There are so many things that need to be done to her home, but she refuses to get them done. Then we got to spend time with our NEW great nephew Dominick Eli Schach. He will be a month old in 5 days, he is such a sweetie, I could have spent hours loving on him, but we had to rush home to get to the pharmacy to pick up Roger's meds. Well, got there at 6:14 PM they were already closed up! Oh I was so mad, so I have to make a trip to the pharmacy in the morning. :(

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