Friday, July 27, 2012


We are pretty much settled in our new apartment in Texas, just 15 or so minutes from Kim, Michael and the boys. Love it!! But....TEXAS IS HOT!! Haven't gotten to set my sewing machine up yet. Got here and moved in on the same day, June 30th. Michael's dad John flew Michael, Cole, Dillon (his nephew) to Ada --taking a whopping 53 minutes to get there from Dallas/Fort Worth. By the time I had them picked up at the airport, Wesley Bittle, his dad, Kayla and Thomas had the truck loaded with quite a bit of stuff. Less than three hours later, we were on the road! Got here and Kim, Gage and even Owen helped us unload along with, Max, Dillon, Carol and Chase. We are SO HAPPY to be here. After not having a car for two months due to ours being struck by lightening, we now are the proud owners of a 05 Honda Odyssey Mini Van. LOVE IT! God is so good. He led our wonderful daughter in the direction he wanted us to go, as we turned everything over to Him and Kim. Our apartment was nearly furnished with new furniture and 40 inch flat screen TV, a new recliner, new couch, pictures on the wall, shower curtains and pictures in one bathroom, along with candles to burn. Life doesn't get any better! More to post later...

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