Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy New Year 2014 (5 Days late)

Well, as usual, I am late. Wonder why I am getting late at things? When I was younger I HATED being late at anything...That's it! AGE, I turned 60 in September 2013.

This year HAS to be better than the last half of 2013.
I have started Bonnie Hunter's Annual Mystery Quilt, I have never done one of hers. So far I love it, and I know how it turns out, since I didn't get to go along with the others due to Roger's hospitalization for kidney problems.
I  finished the Chevrons earlier this morning. Have started working full time on the four squares, which I had been doing as leaders and enders. The colors are scrappy: Green, Orange, Blue, Yellow and Neutrals. She based the pattern on things she saw in Ireland and named it Celtic Solstice. Which the first clue was put out on our Winter Solstice, which happened to be my brother Jim's 63 birthday.
Well, back to sewing.
Hope to keep this blog up better this year, I know, I say that every year.

Roger is home from the hospital with a Foley Catheter trying to let his bladder shrink back to its normal size after the hospital drained  over four litres of urine from him in the first two hours after they put the catheter in.  I was SO worried about him, more than I have been in years. He was talking out of his head, jerking so bad, he couldn't draw up his insulin, nor even put pills in his mouth. I thought it was all due to one of the many falls he had that week. But it was the poison from the urine since the kidneys were only working at 12%. He is pretty much back to normal now, except for the cath.

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