Saturday, November 1, 2014

Been a busy week.

Had to take Roger to the Sleep Study doctor, just to find out that his insurance canceled them as a provider! The next day, he went to the ophthalmologist, where they put two shots in his eye. Then we went to OK to attend a memorial service for my friend Kelly Bateman's husband Dennis. He passed away Monday after a long battle with cancer. While getting ready to go, I found out my friend LaDonna Gilliam, who we lost to cancer last year, her husband Mike passed away from Cancer on Tuesday.   That is such a vicious disease. I think of my friend Audrey often who fought harder thank anyone I know for nearly 10 years, her cancer started as breast cancer. They got rid of that for it to come back and finally take her life on April 24.  Anyway! I finished Block 12 of the Women of the Bible Series, JUDITH. I know this is not in our bibles but is in the Apocrypha, but it states it is listed in other versions. She was a female sort of female version of David and Goliath.  Both Colorways completed before the other comes out on Monday!

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Sewing Up A Storm said...

Very pretty, not sure which one I like better.