Sunday, April 13, 2008

Finally here I am again..

We are having such trouble with our ISP, being on the web is actually a challenge. Living in the country does have its draw backs! Well, since the last time I posted, we have found out Kimberly, our beautiful daughter is giving us another wonderful grandson. I had a feeling she was in for another boy, and her ultra sound a few weeks ago confirmed it. She is almost 18 weeks now. As you can see, I changed my picture, Kim and Michael took Cole bowling for the first time and it appears he had a great time.

Sewing news..I have actually cut, pieced, sandwiched and quilted and bound a baby quilt and a matching doll quilt for a co worker. I have another doll quilt I am working on before I start another. I want to actually complete some projects this year! I have several UFO's in the works as well. Cole will be in his big boy bed soon, and I have not finished his cowboy quilt. Kim said she will be putting it on the top bunk anyway, but it still needs to be finished. She is thinking about having me make the bumpers for the new baby nursery, I hope I can do them justice!
Block Lotto news- three months, no wins, but the blocks sure have been pretty. I need to get busy and do the April blocks.--I have challenged myself to make an entry every month this year. This will be month I win probably, they don't grab my eye like the previous ones. Once I get some made, my mind may change.

Personal news, we are going to CA next month. Yea! I get to see my mom
Well, its time to do my hair for church.

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