Saturday, June 7, 2008

Back From California

Cole is in the captains seat. He got a thrill from that, isn't he cute?
Kimberly used her frequent flyer miles she earned and took Roger, me, Cole, Michael and herself to California. We had the trip booked since March, but unfortunately on May 18th my brother Jim called with the unbelievable news that our younger brother Rich passed away of a heart attack earlier that morning. So, our trip was full of emotions.

We did have a good time. It was so nice seeing my mom and so many of my family members and friends at the visitation service. Many came to our mother's house after the service and ate wonderful food that Rich's best friend Marty O catered. His employer supplied all of the soft drinks.

Cole had a great time with his cousin "Fia". She is our great niece, and is a beautiful little girl. Cole missed her the minute we to the airport he asked be about her. Now its back to work this week and saving up time for the new baby due in September- I can't wait!

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