Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Paddy's Day

As I signed in to blog, I thought about what my younger brother answered when he was little and someone asked him about his heritage. He said he was "Irish and Okie." Well, I am sure he was correct on those two, I just thought it was funny- and a nice memory of him.
We took Cole back to his mommy and brother today. He really wasn't no more ready to go home that we were to take him. We had such fun! A 3 1/2 year old can really come up with some great stories. We played, we cooked, we sewed, and then we did it all again and again. Forget the $50.00 toys, he had fun with buttons, a screwdriver, fabric, thread, teeney tiny scissors, other household trinkets and dollar store toys. He kept telling me "but I won't see you tomorrow when you take me home", now I ask you, would that not just make a granny want to quit work to keep him 24/7? Nice idea, but his mommy is a SAHM, I don't think it would work. <;-(
I finished labeling my blocks and got them ready to mail to Christine in FL, she is the hostess for our blue/yellow and white swap. I am going to try and follow in her footsteps and be the hostess of a b/w swap with the ladies from the QR shop. We formed a small quilt guild. There are 32 of us who meet some on the last Saturday of the month and some on the second Tuesday of the month. Just so we don't loose touch with one another after the shop closed. Anyway, last month I suggested the swap and so far 13 have signed up for it. I need to email Christine and see how she swapped out the blocks and get some tips from her.
Well, enough for tonight...

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