Friday, June 26, 2009

I received my Doll Quilt Swap 7 partner's identity!

It's been over a month that I have blogged, many things have happened. Most recently, as I said in my title, Bonnie emailed me my partner's name for the Doll Swap 7 on, we have all been waiting patiently (some impatiently, I think). I hope ______ likes the idea I have. I am so excited, this is my first doll quilt swap.
I have also enjoyed lots of time with my wonderful grandsons. They are both growing and getting to be the smartest and cutest grandsons that have ever been put on this earth! Cole is learning to swim under water (he still has his arm floaties on) he is jumping in the pool now and is such a big boy. Gage has 2 and a half teeth, unless that one has come through the gums in the last few days.
Well, it is late, and tomorrow is my Quilt Day at the Walker Baptist Church.
Here is a cute picture Kim sent us of the boys. I just love how they are looking at each other--brotherly love...

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