Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Today was such a wonderful day. My sweet daughter came yesterday and spent the night-even though it was a Major ordeal bringing everything for Gage just for one night.. They had that little VW Pssat packed tight! They went to church with us this morning in the pouring down rain then we came back to the house and had lunch before they left. Cole was so excited about me opening my gift, he said he helped his mommy "all the day" to get it done. I can see why he was excited. It was a black bag with photos of him and Gage on the outside. A granny couldn't have gotten a better gift! I sure hated to see them leave. We will see them on Memorial Day weekend in about 11 days or so. I will post the picture soon.
On a different note, I joined Mariannes' UFO swap again here are my 3 projects:
1. Guild swap: Make 15 Black and White 12 ½ blocks need 36 more Flying Geese, have 144 made, piece all of them into blocks.
2. “Happy Birthday Gage” quilt: Choose fabric. cut, sew, baste, quilt, bind,
3. Underground Railroad Quilt: Cut and sew last 6 or 7 blocks- returning from last challenge.

The first two HAVE to be done and the 3rd one needs to be finished, so I can move on to other UFO's

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