Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lets remember our Vets today! Thank You All.

Long time between blogs, I will TRY to do better. Let's see, in October, Kim let Cole AND Gage come up for the weekend. We had such fun, being a granny is the most wonderful thing in the whole. These boys are my life along with their mommy and Pa. Gage did great, and he was getting ready to break out in Chicken Pox by the end of the next week. Here is a picture of him:

His daddy had the shingles and Gage caught the chicken pox from the shingles. But, back to the weekend..we played outside, inside, everywhere. They are such good boys! Cole had a good time, here is a picture of him "posing with balloons:

Isn't he getting big? He started Kindergarten in September of this year! How time flies.
Now, fast forward to the first part of Novemeber. Poor little Owen Jack got the chicken pox. I went and stayed 4 days with them to try to help out where ever I could. Here is his back:

At least now they have a life long immunity to them. Cole had the vacacine, so he will have to have booster shots.
Roger is fighting another bad foot ulcer. I am in another Doll quilt swap "The Perfect 10 Doll Quilt Swap" Last night I started hand quilting it. I am no pro, but I have always wanted to try to hand quilt, and this was my chance with a little quilt. I will post a picture as I finish it.
Here are a few random pictures of the boys here:

And one or two of course of sweet Owen Jack, his daddy and mommy:

I have to post this one of Gage, I just love it, its saying "I didn't do anything mommy"

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