Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy Groundhog Day Eve 2012

Well, we went today for Roger to get another shot in his back, let's hope this one does the trick, the doctor told him if it doesn't, there is nothing more he can do to help him. He gave him a packet on a pain simulator that would be the next step. Last one just wrecked havoc on his blood sugar. Before we left, I looked at his shoulder (yes the sore are still there, just getting smaller) and what do I see, ANOTHER blister. I think I have figured it out. He has been sleeping with the heating pad on his neck/shoulder when he sleeps in his recliner, and he is burning himself! You can bet I took the heating pad away from him. I will make him a rice heating pad, he has one but it stinks too bad to use, lol. Slowing going through getting rid of junk I don't need. Roger and I plan on having a SPRING CLEANING YARD SALE in March or April. He and I both are going through our stuff. How did we get so much stuff? While looking through blogville I came across Starwood Quilter, she has made some really nice looking blocks, she is reading her grandmother's diary and making them as she goes, apparently her grandmother made a sampler quilt the year she turned 21. It is really nice. I have the link to her block spot on the Blogs I follow on my side bar. well, I believe I will go work on a house block for Dominick.

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Starwood Quilter said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. Even though you started late, you can always go back to my introduction and read all my blog entries. They're all on my blog I'm having so much fun with my project!